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7 Worst Issues King Joffrey Has Completed In The Books

Joffrey Baratheon is among the most well-known characters in current fiction. An illegitimate king born of incest who took his throne with the deaths of beloved characters, he’s a merciless and petty coward. There’s nothing Joffrey loves greater than hurting others and abusing energy, however he’s additionally weak, silly, and inconsiderate.

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In a present as filled with evil and monstrous characters as The iron Throne, Joffrey stands out as a result of followers hate him for every thing he does. Within the supply materials, A music of ice and fireplace, he’s related – particularly because the early seasons of the present carefully comply with the books – however his actions are barely completely different. As such it does some really monstrous issues, solely a few of that are in The iron Throne.

Content material warning: This listing comprises mentions of violence and sexual assault.

7 Chopping a pregnant pussy

Joffrey Baratheon smiles at Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

In actual life and in fiction, cruelty to animals is a particularly ruthless and malicious factor to do. Earlier than harming people, Joffrey did a very horrific act as a toddler. Upon studying {that a} cat was pregnant, a younger Joffrey opened the animal to have a look at the kittens.

At no level does Joffrey present any repentance for this act. As a substitute, he strikes on to worse acts, inflicting his torture on folks reasonably than animals. Nonetheless, a number of characters bear in mind this explicit act as an early signal that Joffrey was dangerous information.

6 Have Sansa often overwhelmed

Sansa Stark cries after Joffrey beat her in Game of Thrones

Initially, Sansa Stark is overjoyed to be engaged to Joffrey, believing it to be a courtly romance from a bit of poetry. After taking the throne, nonetheless, she learns his true colours and begins to hate each second she spends with him. One of many worst issues Joffrey does is often get her overwhelmed up by his Kingsguard after his mom asks him to not hit Sansa.

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That is represented in The iron Throne too, however the books clearly point out that it occurs often. The passages describing him are given with startling realism, together with Sansa fastidiously selecting her garments to cowl her bruises. It’s one of many many issues that makes Joffrey a monster, and makes Sansa the prime suspect when Joffrey is murdered.

5 Capturing his personal peasants

Joffrey showing Margaery his Game of Thrones crossbow

It’s clear from the beginning that Joffrey has no intention of being king for good or simply causes, and that he simply needs to do what he needs, when he needs. That is partly as a result of he has no concern or sympathy for the peasants of the Seven Kingdoms, together with the folks of his personal city.

In A Conflict of Kings, the second guide, Joffrey is unsympathetic to his frightened and ravenous peasants who stay with the fixed menace of siege. When some come to the Purple Maintain asking for assist, Joffrey personally blasts them away with a crossbow, taking pictures them to attempt to get them to go away.

4 Attempting to sexually humiliate Sansa

Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark's wedding in Game of Thrones

A few of Joffrey’s worst moments in The iron Throne are drawn nearly straight from his excesses within the books, significantly with reference to his fiancée Sansa Stark. Arch-misogynist even by Westeros requirements, Joffrey doesn’t care about Sansa’s security or happiness, even after their engagement ends.

Identical to in The iron Throne, Joffrey tries to insist on a “bedding” for Sansa when she marries her uncle, Tyrion – by stripping her bare and carrying her to his bed room. Though it’s Westerosi custom, it’s clear that Joffrey insists that he can proceed to point out off his energy over Sansa and humiliate her.

3 Torturing and catapulting the wood males

Joffrey Baratheon at the Battle of Blackwater Game of Thrones

A facet of the Battle of Blackwater which The iron Throne touches much less on the inner state of affairs at King’s Touchdown. The townspeople dislike the Lannisters and principally obey Joffrey out of concern. Stannis Baratheon has some help within the metropolis, each from widespread folks, retailers and nobles.

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A bunch of those most outstanding folks, often called the Antler Males, plot to open the gates for Stannis’ forces throughout the battle. They’re, at this level, a reputable enemy and fifth column in opposition to Joffrey, however he treats them in a very torturous method. Joffrey has antlers nailed to their skulls, then has them fireplace on the partitions through a catapult. No different king in Westeros has such a torturous execution, which units Joffrey aside.

2 Beheading of Ned Stark on the Seven of Baelor

The execution of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

One significantly stunning second is shared by each the collection and the books. After being defeated by Cersei and Joffrey’s energy seize, Ned Stark is given the choice to confess his crimes to guard his household and be despatched to the wall reasonably than be executed. He does, and Joffrey claims his head anyway.

Moreover being a breach of oath and a monstrously merciless act – to not point out the killing of a superb man – it additionally comes with loads of problems. Peace turns into an impossibility because the Starks struggle to avenge Ned and Religion turns in opposition to the Crown for shedding blood on Westeros’ holiest place. For its viciousness and the ensuing struggling, it’s one among Joffrey’s worst acts.

1 Attempting to get Bran murdered

An assassin trying to kill Bran Stark at Winterfell in Game of Thrones

One of many first homicide makes an attempt within the murder-filled collection is an try on the lifetime of Bran Stark whereas he’s comatose in mattress after Jaime Lannister threw him off a tower. An murderer infiltrates Winterfell with a Valyrian metal dagger and makes an attempt to kill the unconscious boy.

It takes a very long time for the murderer’s grasp to be revealed, and several other candidates come up. In the end, Joffrey was discovered accountable. After listening to a drunk Robert speaking about Bran killing out of mercy, Joffrey employed an murderer to attempt to impress his father. This act in the end triggers battle in Westeros, putting the remainder of The iron Throne shifting.

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