July 6, 2022


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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Finest Class: Clawbringer + Spore Warden

A claw bearer, the top class in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, shoots a dragon on Xbox Series X.

Screenshot: Gearbox

If you’re questioning which class to play in The wonders of Tiny Tina, permit me. The sport clearly has a greater class: the Clawbringer.

The wonders of Tiny Tinanow out there on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, is a unbelievable overhaul of the long-running Gearbox Borderlands loot shooter collection. Extra Borderlands the video games provide you with a selection of 4 courses in the beginning (nicely, not contemplating which of them you’ll be able to obtain through DLC). Wonderlandnevertheless, listed here are six of them:

  • Backstabber: A category centered on stealth (for all which means in Borderlands) that permits you to develop into invincible and throw a spinning knife trick.
  • Born on the grave: A high-risk, high-reward class that makes you sacrifice well being for highly effective assaults that restore your vitality. You’re accompanied by a miniature lich.
  • Claw holders: You get a child dragon!!!
  • Spore Guardian: You get a bow and arrow, can summon tornadoes, and are adopted by a mushroom… humanoid… factor that beats enemies.
  • Brr-zerker: A melee-focused class that focuses on freezing enemies, which is fairly strong, as frozen enemies take thrice extra melee injury.
  • Spell: The trick of the spell is which you can swap out its class potential for the choice to equip a second spell.

Borderlands courses have traditionally featured three ability bushes and awarded you adequate ability factors throughout a marketing campaign to fill two of these bushes. Wonderland put it away; every class solely has one ability tree, as an alternative of three, so that you don’t have to fret an excessive amount of about pouring factors into the flawed tree. (You can even reassign factors to Lighthoof, Wonderland‘hub metropolis.)

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The Clawbringer tree is essentially centered on rising Fireplace and lightning elemental injury, each of that are used prodigiously by the little child dragon buddy. At later ranges, you’ll be able to unlock the “Indomitableability, too, which prevents you from dying and recharges your protect. (It’s on a 120-second cooldown.) You can even unlock expertise that allow your dragon companion shoot fireballs and lightning bolts, and you’ll improve its injury (the “buddy of the flame” ability).

I’m rocking three characters proper now, tried most of those courses, and noticed the remaining in second-hand motion by a rotation of co-op companions. I’m assured sufficient to say that Clawbringer is the best way to go. That’s adequate by itself, however it actually shines midway by the sport when, after finishing the “Emotion of the Ocean” important mission, you’ll be able to choose a second class. That is the place the claw holder comes into its personal. For those who pair it with a Spore Warden, which makes the Fires class – you develop into virtually invincible.

The Spore Warden’s ability tree consists of the “kinship coronary heart“, which improves – and it’s important to concentrate to element right here – the well being and injury of all companions. It’s meant to make a Spore Warden’s mushroom buddy a bit stronger. However these bonuses additionally have an effect on the newborn dragon, in case you match these two courses. Moreover, you’ll be able to unlock a ability that improves the injury dealt by your companions on every crucial hit (“thrill of the hunt”) and one other that may forestall you from dying (“medicinal mushroom”). At excessive and even medium ranges, you find yourself with a personality who can dodge the kiss of dying twice, who’s adopted by two small unstable monsters, who basically turns into a miniature military trudging by wonderland, demolishing all the things on its passage.

Truthfully, there’s just one draw back to boosting a Wildfire character: it turns similar Wonderland‘ the best issue in straightforward mode.